Engage in our community. Invest in our youth. Develop yourself.


Member Benefits

° Monthly living stipend (approximately $1000/month)
° $5,730 in an educational award as well as loan deferment while serving
° Health insurance coverage and a YMCA membership
° Personal and professional development in a school or community setting
° Gratification of investing in children’s lives and making a difference

Community Benefits

° Helping youth to graduate on time and preparing them for success
° Helping to reduce the high school drop-out rate
° Providing positive and influential adults in children’s lives
° Investing hundreds of volunteer hours to youth development

True North Stories

  • One day Faith came ready to read with confidence as well as reading glasses that resembled mine. Upon further inspection I noticed that her glasses didn’t have lenses. I complimented her on her new glasses and didn’t question the absence of lenses. After the session, I quietly asked her teacher if she has just gotten new glasses. Her teacher said; well, Faith is so excited about reading now and the “someone” that’s been helping her wears glasses, as does one of the smartest girls in the class. So today Faith came to school with “new glasses” for reading.

    Faith's story

  • Wesley, one of the kindergarteners I work with, has achieved and learned so much since the very beginning of the school year. When I first started working with him, he only knew two letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. Each day, I did a lot, and still do, of repetitive teaching and hands on learning - like games - so he would be able to retain the information. At first, he wasn't even able to identify the first letter of his first name and the first letter of his last name. Now, he knows all but three letters and their sounds. And, out of those letters, he can finally identify a "w' and a "p," which are the first letters of his first and last name! I am so proud of him.

    Wesley's story

  • My favorite moment was when a student asked to write some examples of his own on the board. This student is low academically, isn’t highly motivated and loses interest very quickly. He can’t focus very well and can have trouble interacting with other students. However he was excited for this activity. You could see the spark in his eyes as he understood and made connections that were relevant for him. This experience was helpful to me because it showed me the importance of what I do and the joy of helping a student to understand.

    One boy's story

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