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What We Do


Our members work with small groups of students who have not yet reached proficiency in reading or math. Meeting individually or in small groups, our members build basic computational skills and number sense for students in grades K-3. Reading members work with 4th and 5th graders to develop fluency and build comprehension skills.


Our members provide enrichment activities, academic help, and social-emotional support to students outside of school time. True North members have started cooking clubs, volunteer clubs, chess clubs, invited guest speakers, planned holiday parties and field trips, and many other activities that promote healthy development.


AmeriCorps was established to engage all citizens in community service, and True North contributes to this goal by involving children in service-learning projects. Centering on Global Youth Service Day, our members help children plan and execute a service-learning project of their choosing.

The Americorps Experience

Professional Development

From orientation week in August, to fall and spring retreats, to monthly trainings–you will receive professional development from local leaders. Youth development topics include trauma-informed care, math and reading intervention, behavior management, caseload management, activity planning, service-learning, to name just a few.

Community Engagement

Community service is the heart of AmeriCorps. Not only is it inspiring work, our members get to dive deep into the community–meeting new people and working with organizations across northern Minnesota. There are many opportunities to network with leaders in business, non-profit, and youth development.

Leadership Development

Create a club. Lead a service-learning project. Invite local speakers. Develop a caseload. Communicate with teachers. Plan social events, retreats, and trainings. Opportunities for leadership abound in True North AmeriCorps. Then, come back for a second year as a Team Leader.


Develop your techniques with support from our reading and math coaches, site supervisors, data specialist, and True North staff.

True North AmeriCorps & Service Learning

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